Replica Watch Quality is Improving

Replica Watch Quality is Improving

Curiosity Everyone’s heard rumors about replica watches. Even the most skeptical is tempted to buy a $10 Rolex fake just to see what it looks like.

Price While genuine Swiss watches such as Rolex and Panerai start at $4,000 a piece, the replica watches cost anywhere from $10 for a lowend example to $500 for the absolute best.

Availability With the advent of the Internet you’re not limited to finding replica watches on your trip to the Bahamas. They are available at web sites everywhere.

Fraud It’s estimated that 35% of the highend watches sold on eBay are replica watches described as genuine. Caveat Emptor!

Demand The American market for replica watches is insatiable. Thousands are sold every day for a variety of price ranges. Until this market is sated there will always be a demand for replica watches.

Spam While spam comes in all flavors one of the most common types of spam advertises replica watches. This type of constant exposure keeps them at the forefront of the buyer’s mind

Manufacturer Apathy It would be easy for Rolex or Omega to hire staff to permanently shut down the big box replica watch Internet stores. Yet they persist seemingly unscathed to this day. The manufacturers must take a hand in their own destiny.

Hype Replica watch dealers are constantly trying to convince shoppers that their watches are 99% accurate when compared to the original. They use terms like “Grade A++” to entice their wouldbe buyers.

Fake Reviews There are dozens of fake “Review” websites that extol the virtues of one Internet replica watch dealer while vilifying all the rest. It turns out these sites are run by replica dealers themselves in order to drum up more sales!

Ignorance People unfamiliar with the replica watch trade are easily swayed by the lies told by most dealers. They’re led to believe that a fake watch can be worth $700 or $1,000. They buy into this fantasy and drive huge profits to the dealers, which in turn completes the circle as the dealers advertise even more.

The Replica Watch Report is an excellent place to find out the truth about replica watches. Detailed reviews and photographs give the knowledgeable and the uniformed tools to spot and detect replica watches.

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