milliseconds cracks down on worker software resales

SEATTLE (Reuters) Microsoft picky an undisclosed number of employees who are suspected of buying discounted software and reselling it for a profit, The giant software company said saturday.

Microsoft allows employees to buy cut retail software at its company store at its Redmond, to help, Headquarters for personal use, But discourages resale.

Microsoft has hired researchers and put in updated systems to crack down on violations of internal policy after Daniel Feussner, A former ms manager, Was fired and arrested in december. Prosecutors charged that he had owned software meant for internal use and sold it illegally.

Feussner was buying deeply low priced software at cost and reselling it for use by other businesses, Drake mentioned. The more recent disciplinary actions were taken against employees who violated Microsoft’s policy against reselling software from organization store.

with about $9 million gained from software sold illegally, national prosecutors alleged that Feussner, Who is already free on bond and awaiting trial, Bought diamond stud earrings, A Rolex watches, a fabulous Ferra definiteri F355 Berlinettthe latest, a single Ja completeguyourr XJ6, a meaningful Hummer H1, A bmw 500SEL, A HarleyDavidson and a 50foot private yacht.

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