Bregeut Classique For New year

When the time slip zero, another new year comes. Breguet brand makes its new year colorful, with four golden new watches. For over hundreds of years, the gold symbolize value, luxury and extravagance. Royal even resort to yellow gold to reflect their noble status. Breguet watches, after going through 240 years, takes the lead in the watch technology, and has been building watches for royalties and celebrities, presenting the wonderful chronographs on a tiny space. Every Breguet watch is terrific in skills.

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Breaking Tradition

Breguet Tradition 7067 inherits the bold and avant-garde design. Its delicate main mechanical structure is placed at the surface of the movement, really amazing design. The 18 k rose gold case is fitted with manual winding movement that has 50 hours of energy reserve. This is the first Breguet wrist watch that has an energy indicator in the case back, as well as the first one that dual time. Breguet watch plays its traditions to the best. There is a second time zone at 12 o’clock, while at the 10 o’clock there is a day/night shift indicator with a mix of black and silver. It is easy to manipulate. The novel design and the practical purposes make it the best choice for business persons. Breguet Tradition 7067 is not a solid brand, it is a top brand. What comes with the golden case is the Breguet Classique Chronometrie 7727 which combines a lot of excellent features on it. Breguet achieved abundant fruits on anti-magnetic and new material and transforming them into the real watch. This latest work has the Breguet 574 DR movement with top technology. Every detail reflect Breguet’s brilliant skills.

Breguet Type derives from the watches that were designed for French Navy airborne. Type has solid case, stubborn structure and integrates many sport elements on it. If you are also a fan of Rolex watches, just click on the rolex watches prices to know more about it.

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